SP1501.05 : Bộ điều khiển loại bảng REX-B850 - RKC
Thông số chính :
Bộ điều khiển loại bảng REX-B850 - RKC - Board Type Controller.
Hãng cung cấp : RKC
Model : REX-B850
Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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REX-B850 Board Type Controller:
The B850 requires only a small space for mounting.
This Multi-channel temperature controller (Dimensions: T 26mm, H 210mm, W 145mm)
condenses 8 channels of control and a variety of functions into one PWB!
(4 or 6 channel types are available.)
- Multi-memory area function Maximum: 8 areas
- Heater break alarm function
- Event input function
- Abundant input type and range
OPL-B Interface Unit:
The OPL-B is the display and interface for theREX-B850.
It allows control of temperature set values, monitoring, alarms, PID constants, etc. for up to 128 channels.
Specification --> B850_01E.pdf (122KB)
Specification files are in Adobe's Acrobat PDF file (version 4.0) format.
Acrobat Reader is required.
Instruction Manual:


IM850B01E2.pdf (1.93MB)


IMOPL01E1_1.pdf (1.12MB)

OPL-B (Chapter 3)

IMOPL01E1_2.pdf (681KB)

OPL-B (Chapter 4 (4-1 to 4-30))

IMOPL01E1_3.pdf (1.30MB)

OPL-B (Chapter 4 (4-31 to 4-66))

IMOPL01E1_4.pdf (1.47MB)

OPL-B (Chapter 5, 6)

IMOPL01E1_5.pdf (612KB)

OPL-B (Supplementary Manual)

IMOPL01E1_6.pdf (1.15MB)


IMOPL03E1.pdf (1.15MB)

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